Goji Berry Juice Is Gaining Attention

While Goji berry juice has been around over 6,000 years, it has only recently started gaining attention.

Both raw Goji berry and Goji berry juice has been in use in Himalayan ranges, Tibet and China for over 6.000 years now but it is only recently that the juice has started gaining attention of the scientists and users alike all over the world.
Whether used in pills, juice, or goji berry powder, the products are liked by people of their excellent antioxidant and fat burning capabilities.

Positive Reviews

From all quarters the reviews of Goji Berry products have been positive. It has obtained positive response from the media, the scientists, medical communities, as well as the consumers. In its juice, powder or the goji berry pills form the product has received such positive reviews.

Role Of Media
Media has played a vital role in promoting the berry products for weight loss and fat burning. Though the trend commenced in the last decade of the past millennium, it got the desired momentum in the first decade of the current millennium when various berry products for weight loss and fat burning started making it big in the market. Some of the products that are highly popular include acai pills, maqui pills, and raspberry pills like the Gozi pills. Positive reporting from media and publicity has resulted in hype in their popularity in the market.

Most Nutritious Food

In fact Gozi berry in any form including gozi berry juice is considered a super food because of its high nutritional values. Though it does not have a ketone form like the raspberry ketone pills, its juice form is considered to be one of the three most nutritious juices in the market.

In addition; the scientists believe that Goji berry juice also has some highly medicinal values and is good for detoxifying the body and even preventing cancer.

Goji Juices
 Product Summary 

Genesis Today Juice

1 Review
Total Goji is 100% pure goji berry juice made from the entire goji berry including the skin, meat, seed oils and freshly pressed juice. Has a fruity and robust flavor and it helps increase energy, stamina and libido.

Goji 100

4 Reviews
Goji 100 by Genesis Today is 100% pure goji berry juice that contains the whole of the goji seed. It is purely organic with all the nutritive elements contained in the fresh goji berry. It helps in boosting the immune system, libido and general health.

Life Time Nutritional Specialties

4 Reviews
Life Time Nutritional Specialties Noni Mangosteen Goji & Acai Blend is a pure and natural fruit juice made from goji and acai berry blend. The acai and goji blend stimulates a synergistic response that helps increase energy and stamina, promote health and increase antioxidant activity.

Dynamic Health Goji Juice

19 Reviews
This is 100% pure natural organic goji berry juice. It is USDA certified and blended with other beneficial juice. It contains 19 amino acids and four distinct polysaccharides, LBP 1, 2, 3 & 4 that are responsible for the health benefits of goji berry.

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